We are rewriting
the African narrative


The Problem

Smallholder farmers in Malawi work in unorganized food markets, with limited communication, transport and a lack of finance. Farmers are forced to sell to middlemen at low prices, and buyers struggle to get a reliable supply of quality produce.


The Solution

Seedlink sources agricultural commodities from small-scale farmers. We secure orders from large commodity buyers, and recruit traders onto our mobile platform. Traders then collect produce from farmers. We then take the produce and deliver it to the buyer.


The Market

Commodity sourcing is a trillion dollar indistry with many players. Demand is starting to exceed supply and many key commodities such as cocoa and coffee are dwindling in supply. Seedlink is one of the few trying to unlock the potential supply from small-scale farmers rather than commercial farms.


Business Model

Seedlink is creating a supply network which connects buyers of agricultural products to suppliers. We add value by handling the logistics of the trade and offering trade finance so the farmer can be paid immediately, even before the final buyer has received the goods. We take commission on each trade across the network.


Competitive Advantage

Most NGO's and companies working with small-scale farmers focus on improving the production of crops. However, there are not many working towards solving market problems faced by the farmers. Seedlink is one of the few aiming to make supply chains more efficient. We streamline the entire process, working with all stakeholders along the way offering transparency right down the value chain and unlocking the potential of millions of smallholder farmers. We offer a better way for buyers to trace their produce and manage supply by offering unique insights into their suppliers.